BTPN - Teaching Christians to Fish
BTPN - Teaching Christians to Fish
BreakThrough To People Network For Souls
BreakThrough To People Network     For Souls

Our Team

BTPN's business volunteers make a big difference in communities of faith. Our BTPN Team starts with Christian volunteers who do the training. BTPN provides the ability of our brothers and sisters in the faith to support themselves, their family and their Christian community.


New volunteers must be strong men / women of faith with a background in business. You will be teaching Christian values in a business context to reach the business community.


Contact us to become a part of this Church Planting and Business As Mission team. Mission opportunities are open throughout the year.

Rev. Bob Crowe

Founder and President of BTPN



  • Berry College
  • Oglethorpe University
  • New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Luther Rice Seminary

Rev. Crowe is a retired minister of the gospel, living in the North Georgia mountains and is married with two grown sons and four grandchildren.


Rev. Crowe is the founder of the Chernigov Bible Institute in Ukraine. He has taught in seminaries, Bible colleges and mission centers in Ukraine, Russia, Greece and Norway. He has served churches in the USA for 35 years.

  • Pastor - Bold Springs Baptist Church, Bold Springs GA
  • Staff Member - Hebron Baptist, Dacula GA
  • Pastor - Goodyear Heights Baptist Church, Gadsden AL
  • Pastor - First Baptist Church of Stockbridge, Stockbridge GA
  • Staff Member - First Baptist Church of Blairsville, Blairsville GA


BreakThrough to People Network:

  • BTPN started in 1992 in the Chernigov Oblast of Ukraine as a humanitarian ministry to the survivors of the Chernobyl disaster.
  • In 1995, BTPN changed to a Business As Mission organization in Eastern Europe. During the years BTPN has experimented with several different ways to do BAM.
  • In 2007, BTPN changed it's ministry focus to a training ministry.
  • In 2018, BTPN moved the focus to a more entrepreneurial approach to Church Planting.
  • BTPN's primary work has been in Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia & Moldova.



  • President of BreakThrough to People Network, Inc.
  • Mission Innovator
  • Bible Teacher
  • Minister of the Gospel



Dr. Arthur F Green PhD




  • St Mary's College;
  • Hull University; 
  • British Army School of Electronic Engineering.


Business Experience:       

  • British Army Engineer for 15 years; 
  • Operations and General Manager in Technical Security Industry; 
  • European Operations Director for Control Systems International, Dallas, Texas; 
  • European Marketing Director for Nortel/NordexCDT, Montreal, Canada; 
  • Managing Director and Owner of EveryMan Consulting Ltd, UK, an independent business consultancy.


Church Ministry:   Served as Baptist Deacon.


Mission Experience:   

  • 1994-2001: Served with Christian Solidarity International, based in Zurich, Switzerland, representing those persecuted for their faith; carried out missions to Armenia, Nagorno Karabakh, Eritrea, Ethiopia. 
  • 1994-2001: Served with Christian Cultural Ministries International based in Yerevan Armenia. 
  • 2001-Present: Founded the Foundation for Christian Education (FCE) in UK, helping remote peoples of Nagaland with Education and Training. 
  • 2005-Present: Served with BTPN as an international business coach, eventually becoming CEO.


Arthur is presently developing his international business interests as well as serving as Chairman of FCE UK and CEO of BTPN USA.


BTPN Board members:

  • Dr. Bob Bowman (Senior Vice President) with Arthur Green and Bob Crowe