The Business of Salvation - Teach Christians to Fish
The Business of Salvation - Teach Christians to Fish
BreakThrough To People Network
BreakThrough To People Network

Welcome to BTPN


The Primary Purpose of BTPN is to Break Down Barriers for the 

Salvation of Souls.


As Different Barriers are Identified, BTPN Moves to Make Those Barriers into Opportunities.


1992 – a Humanitarian Response to the Chernobyl Disaster.
1995 – a Leadership Training Response to the Need of the Churches for Pastors.
2000 – a Economic Response to the Need for Financing Families, Churches and Ministries.
2018 – a Church Planting Response.

We never take for granted the generosity of our Creator as He

provides through those who pray and give to BTPN. As we look

to 2020, we see new ministry opportunities which will increase

our dependence on our Lord. Since 2018, we have seen a

developing Church Planting effort with many needs.


Consider the following:

  A Vehicle to carry groups (Van) ... cost will be $13,000

  Training Materials for Church Planters developed by Bob Crowe and Abraham Bible

  Training of Leaders at the Bible College in Chernihiv Ukraine

  Teams to make a plan to help with Construction

  Preachers for Evangelism Teams in the Villages.


We will hope for your involvement in the work of BTPN in 2020 through your continued prayers, gifts and going.

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We are a 501(c)(3) organization and in a Covenant Partnership with the International Mission Board of the SBC through the Fellowship of Baptist World Ministries.